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Hello there,

Welcome to db-B2B-UK! I’m so glad you’re here. You must be here because you’re in need of Global or UK B2B Solutions for the online division of your business? The good news is that you’ve come to the right place. Waiting for bad news? Sorry, none of that around these parts!

If you’ve been on our side of the fence you've been a UK B2B Services client of ours for a while, hello once again! Please be patient whilst we reinvent this website and align it with your requirements. I trust that you will remain patient while we iron out all the kinks.

Our former website clients have been sent email contact of our new domain, with an explanation of how we had been forced to abandon our former domain because our services are no longer supported by just one person. This I hope also answers to our new visitors why many areas of this site still refer to our former domain.

To my new visitors, allow me to introduce myself. My name’s Stephen Blaney, based at Anfield,  England, UK. I’ve been practising and working as a webmaster, plus Global & UK SEO consultant since 2008. During the past almost 10 years, I’ve dedicated every ounce of my blood, sweat and tears (and a few additional heartfelt tear's) to perfecting my craft and heightening the outcome. I made the decision to sell my previous successful retail business, in order to shift the focus to this new prosperous B2B & eCommerce solutions venture.

You’re probably wondering. If my last business thrived so much, why did I abandon ship? Yes, that ship was productive. That ship was a highly profitable one indeed. You can uncover the answer on my 'Aboutpage. Sorry, more important stuff to focus on here.

This decision opened up many a new door that I am forever grateful for, including the ability to learn more about web design and SEO. But that’s not all. I’ve also obtained the incredible opportunity to comprehend the management and processes involved with the additional web and UK B2B Services.

Plus, I've also since managed each required db-B2B- UK B2B Solutions management skills, which are highly dependent on providing our signup members with a comfortable, smoothly dealt experience for our site visitors  – Should their purchased orders be relative to provide access to a client portal/dashboard user account.

db-B2B-UK now has a unified, well-proven onsite SEO team, who will manage on-site importance with login details for any CMS &/or FTP account.  This main factor of our onsite SEO campaigns, when collaborated with my own personally head-hunted wizardry team of webmasters.

Our db-B2B-UK joined onsite & offsite SEO unlimited campaigns may provide you with the answer how we can then provide each campaign with nothing less than up to 3,000 keywords - BLOWING ANY COMPETITION OUT OF THE MARKET!!   Not just competition, although also blowing minds in how we've made all this possible for the very sensible, fair and honest price of £197/mo. Google First Page is Guaranteed within 6 months or sooner. We will also be upfront, as many SEO agencies are vague to explain how some heavily targeted or trending keywords could possibly take longer than 6 months to reach First Page of Google. Member &/or our Newsletter sign ups gains additional benefits as:

£300/URL Price Reduction. | Free Annual Comodo SSL Issue + Install
Free AMP Plugin Install | Free SEO Tools | Niche Keywords Finder | Ranking Progress Updater
For the above and more Free Bonuses and SEO Campaigns total features + inclusions, visit us from the following link:

We now employ a thriving, creative and enthusiastic team, including WordPress designers, headed by web designer and specialist WordPress consultant, Hane' Dunn. A copywriting team, headed by former US TV network, media script copywriter, the creatively talented, Lauren Mikle.

We also have a team of marketing consultants, with our highly recommended UK B2B Services marketing campaigns starting from £70/mo. Plus, inclusive of minimum 30,000 monthly, Geo + niche targeted, web or mobile traffic, provided at 1,000 visitors per day - plus, 30,000 monthly email contacts, delivered to 1,000 daily, triple opt-in recipients. With Guaranteed minimum 3% CTR (Click Through Rate) which would guarantee email marketing messages being opened daily. We also guarantee a 0% Bounce Rate: - 

Should any email delivery happen to bounce, our exclusive email marketing system resources are notified. Regardless of Bounce Rates increasing, for every bounce we will resend to a unique recipient. Or, until your email marketing message has reached a minimum amount of deliveries for campaign ordered total - at 0% Bounce Rate.

db-B2B-UK could also provide riveting, engaging and converting, email copy content from £20 for first 100 words. Even though our email resources can support unlimited word amount content - we would suggest limiting email marketing word amounts to a minimum of 300 words and maximum of 500 words of copy content.

300 words business, web or email, highly creative copywriting content, which would point to your chosen target audience is available at £50. This 300 amount. Plus, less and more other word amounts of copy content are displayed via the following web page. If you should browse our Top 10 Posts in the sidebar?                

'Our extensively expanding list of marketed Global and UK B2B Solutions and Global and UK eCommerce Solutions include, however, are by no means limited to, the forever list of Global and UK Marketing Solutions for traders. Along with our many supported Global and UK eCommerce Services provided below.'

  • Geo-Targeted and niche-targeted Regular Web Traffic, starting from just $7.75USD for the first 5000 visitors.
  • Geo-targeted Alexa Traffic, starting at just $10USD for the first 5000 visitors.
  • Niche targeted Canada Mobile Traffic, UK Mobile Traffic or US Mobile Traffic, all from just $8.75USD for the first 5000 visitors
  • Geo-targeted + Niche Targeted Email Campaigns, from just $5.25USD for the first 5000 contacts.
  • Geo-targeted and + 18 Niche Adult Categories Traffic audiences, from just $6.40 for first 5000 visitors
  • Web Design + Logo Design + Banner Design
  • Professionally composed Business, Email or Web - Copy Write Content, starting from just £20
    • SEO Campaigns - Starting from just £197 inclusive of all Onsite + Offsite SEO Unlimited- with Free Client Portal access + control of our unique, custom Niche Keywords Finder, plus each Keyword Tracking Indicator.
    • Web Traffic Reseller Business, inclusive of a Free website, Free hosting, Free domain, Free cPanel admin, Free SSL + Free privacy protection - Reseller Business is inclusive of all db-B2B-UK traffic and email types. This provides website setup and up to 100 Free Sales Banners, if provided at our current traffic retail pricing - with profits exceeding up to $4,000USD, temporarily time-limited fixed at our regular web design setup of £397GBP + £10.99/mo for our Unlimited Reseller Traffic Admin Processing
    • Signs to ££’s’ Business Startup eBook Information, inc. Reseller Rights + Free website + Free 12 months web hosting + Free cPanel + Free WordPress, + Free domain, + Free SSL - 
    • Web Hosting, currently available in period fixed packages of UK Unlimited Linux or Windows Hosting + Free WordPress + Free Domain + Free SSL + Free Unlimited Email Accounts - All at the very low fixed price of just £5.99/mo
    • Reseller Web Hosting - inclusive of free cPanel and WHM (Web Host Manager)
    • Comodo SSL Certificate, inc. Issue, all signature codes Published, activated & a full install: Only £67/yr - Free AMP Plugin Install + Activation

Apart from being a retailer, we're also a passionate and dedicated various traffic type and email contacts wholesaler, plus major resellers. We market our superior provided services on a global scale, which is why some of our provided services you see are listed in $USD.

"You may notice in our Count Per Day stats on the sidebar, how we can very reassuringly, often generate up to and over 1,000-3,000 daily visitors. It's also very usual to notice several other unique, return &/or member visitors online together.  This easily addresses our ever growing popularity and hourly increasing orders"

At the end of the day, if you’re on the hunt for sensibly-priced and results-driven Global and UK B2B Solutions, there’s no need to go anywhere else. We’ve got everything you need and more right here. So get in touch to get started today!

Please Note

Any Free Bonuses, Additional Features, Inclusions or Add-ons of any db-B2B-UK Services will be exclusive to Signup Members, as from and during August o5 2017. We've recently found how we very much so 'run rings' around any similar Global or B2B + eCommerce agencies prices, plus overall featured and additional inclusions and add-ons for each relative service.

This decision has been implemented since our head of promotional email marketing content, Kelly, recently researched how we can generate so many additional orders from members than orders from non-members. You know, membership does influence visitor reassurance, which in-turn overall influences signup member's completed orders. 





Thanks for viewing our Welcome/Homepage - Please, feel free to browse through db-B2B-UK additional webpages, which are currently found by clicking the relevant sales and/or information banner above. Otherwise, kindly browse through the provided Categories Menu. Mobile, Alexa, Adult and Social Media Traffic are listed under Web Traffic.

db-B2B-UK website is a fairly new, although unfinished project. We're forever including additional services and welcome your support and tolerance with this matter. There's always fresh content and new services being added, so don't you forget to add our site to your bookmarks.

Many thanks indeed to the highly tolerant, very understanding and loyal clients who migrated from my previous, yet since dormant website.

I'm very soon to include US or Worldwide Social Networks, including individually targeting Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, StumbleUpon or Reddit visitors, or target all available Social Networks. Soon Social Media Traffic from Europe, plus additional Geo-targets will be introduced.

Social Networks will for now be capped at maximum, 50,000 Visitors, with maximum 1,000 daily delivery. First 5,000 social media visitors are available from $10.50, through to $85, for 50,000 visitors. Check-in regularly to be included as a pioneer of this very sensibly priced digital marketing service.

Thanks again to my regular, along with any prospective new clients.

Ste B



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 5 reviews

There are not enough review stars provided to give this B2B services agency the true credit which they deserve. We used db-b2b-uk for our domain registration and unlimited web hosting. We'd planned on having a go at creating the website ourselves. But then we noticed all which is included with db-b2b-uk web design package, so we also ordered this. Our biggest surprise was when we ordered onsite and offsite SEO. We were advised to wait up to 6 months to reach Google first page, however, we were ranking within hours of our offsite SEO being setup. I would certainly rate this agency with many more review stars and would recommend their services totally. Kelly created our website copy write content. We've also ordered email marketing copywriting just yesterday as their standards well exceed the expected average. Thanks to Ste, Kelly and the rest of the admin team who worked closely with us.

Hi again Peter,
Thanks for such a shining testimonial. However, I'll repeat which I've said before in order for this message to sink in - THOSE BUSINESSES THAT GO WITH US ALSO GROW WITH US. Yourself and your family were also a delight for us to work with.

Thanks again, Peter,

Marvelous Service, Unbeatable Prices with Many Bonuses above those Displayed.

db-b2b-uk has provided our site's domain registration, web hosting and web design. They made me feel very comfortable with constant emails of updates contact, plus they worked with us closely and provided from the requirements we requested.We now also use the B2B agency to manage our SEO and email marketing. They guaranteed we'd reach Google first page within 6 months or sooner, however we waited less than 2 months and ranked for over 50 keywords in just 3 months.We also researched different providers globally for similar services, although db-b2b-uk had the best prices, plus they always include beyond which their services display. We even experienced bonuses being beyond published amountsI'm so fortunate we discovered this agency, as they're a pleasure to work with and explain matters which we didn't understand in simple terms that helped us to very easily understand. We have found ourselves very fortunate to locate this ideal and radical providing B2B solutions agency.One more important matter. db-b2b-uk contacted us recently and explained they were providing SEO campaigns with free SSL certificate issue and installation now. They have provided this for our site even though they really didn't need to, as the offer wasn't available when we ordered.Any search for B2B solutions agencies I would suggest should end right here, right now, for marvelous services always beyond which is displayed, along with unbeatable prices. We were also provided with the selected member multi-order benefit of having our pet supplies superstore banner ad designed for free and published.For design of our banner ad we were informed we could include a bannner we already owned the copyright of, although we opted for db-b2b-uk suggestion. I've noticed how regularly db-b2b-uk site published stats often exceed total of 1,000 daily visitors.We were also notified and find plausible how daily visitor amounts falling below 700, are usually typical of the published stats counter not recognising 3rd-party referred visitors. We found this plausible after one time their published stats posted less than 30 previous day visitors. However, on this specific day our banner ad generated almost 50 unique clicks & our homepage diverted visitors from db-b2b-uk traffic referrals.Many, many thanks to each ordered B2B service support team for patience and understanding some people or business owners may have no idea of which their orders include or specific industry terminology. We were unsure of the SERPS ranking benefits of a website with AMP & SSL, over websites who fail to apply these 2 SEO requirements.understandable always provided was in simple and undertandable terms. I wasn't aware of how SERPS means Search Engine Results Pages. Plus, support provided plenty of additional industry specific terminology and any benefits of ordered services.

Our response to such a positive review as Adel's would again be how businesses who should go with me are highly assured to grow with me. Many of our B2B + eCommerce Solutions are provided with a Price-Beater Guarantee for additionally included ordering reassurance. Price-Beater Guarantee can be claimed for up to 30 days of order date, of like-for-like services. With a URL link to lower prices being sent to us for our senior admin team to clarify and return the Price-Beater Guaranteed displayed same service lower cost difference.

db-B2B-UK would also like to clarify how multi-orders benefiting from banner ad publishing are random, unspecific and by no way guaranteed. Banner ad publishing on our website is strictly limited to content space, which can both decrease, along with an increase in relation to additionally published image content, in ratio aspect of published text content.

Please Note: Member reviews are dated as publishing time, and unspecific of review posting dates. This note would address how our reviews can have grouped date & similar times.

This review was kindly provided with our suggested Member Exclusive offers when ordered by businesses, having a voluntary review of our provided services. Of which, businesses have ordered. Testimonials aren't compulsory, plus have zero amount of effect on any services quality, bonuses, extras or price reductions. Readers of reviews should also be aware that each provided date is the time of publishing and unnecessarily the actual posting date of any reviews.

The Final Answer to All Business Owner's Prayers

I'm a recent member of db-b2b-uk with so far for the Adult Accessories, Essentials, Products and Supplies Superstore https://adult-for-play, - of which, I'm the original founder and owner. I was mainly dubious originally, as I firmly believe offers seeming unbelievable usually are so.

Not so unbelievable of this B2B agency I'd like to add. We have so far ordered SEO, adult-traffic, unlimited Linux web hosting. Plus, web page & email marketing copywriting content. For SEO campaigns we were provided with 3,000 keywords allowance, of which we experienced 1st positions and Google UK first page results, truly within 48 hrs of onsite SEO setup and notification offsite SEO was about to be

Our 1 ordered SEO campaign provided our site with an AMP plugin, along with an SSL issued and installed. Which is provided annually, for as long as our campaign is continuous. We were also made aware how we could order unlimited additional SEO campaigns with £300 per URL price reduction.

The for adult traffic we were provided with the option of geo-location or worldwide targeted audiences. There was also 17 niche category adult interests included. For our first adult traffic campaign, we were notified we'd receive 10% bonus traffic for 10,000 adult visitors, We were actually provided with a bonus delivery of 15% or 1,500 total extra visitors free.

I'd surely recommend db-b2b-uk services for any business and wouldn't bother to include a voluntary review, unless completely satisfied.

Many thanks to Ste and his army of B2B services teams. For B2B Services well worthy of being reviewed with a positive appraisal,.

Visit us at - of which website we're currently in discussion with db-b2b for possible banner ad publishing on their website, with generated clicks directing to our homepage.

Great experience

Was very impressed with not only the speed but also the professionalism. Rare today to actually have someone who answers your questions in full details so you know how they are going to assist you. Would I use them again? YES without a doubt i would definitely use them again for my marketing, SEO, mobile traffic etc. Do youself a favor and STOP wasting time with "others" who promise to do things and do not deliver! Using this service was the best money i have spent PLUS the fact he Over Delevers and stays in constant contact with you. I am EXTREMELY satisfied

Thanks for your kindness Mark. Any business that go's with myself also grows with myself.

Ste B

Very sensibly priced & highly efficient as promised.

Hi there,

I very rarely write or rate reviews, however I feel compelled to provide credit where due.

I use Ste-B-B2B for several services, including web traffic, mobile traffic, email contacts, plus SEO campaigns.

Ste has always over produced with service bonuses or price reductions, with each order -

I would certainly recommend as a Business 2 Business solutions specialist.

Thanks again,
Jamie D

Thanks Jamie, your review is so kind. however honest facts relating to my Business 2 Business solutions are easily discovered, as new orders are created & happily satisfied clients, convert prospects to signup conversions.

Thanks again,
Ste Blaney

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